Indianapolis GP - Friday Practice by v2.1

I got to the Speedway early so I'd get a decent parking spot but was directed away from a good space. Luckily, I met a nice man on the lot who told me it was OK to go closer and I got a spot much easier for my aching knee. Good thing. The day was hot and the walks from place to place were long.

I watched the warm-ups from different corners along the track. I've posted some of the pictures here. Remember, I didn't have my SLR camera... just a point and shoot with a decent zoom lens.

A highlight of wandering the infield was that I saw Jurgen and Heidi, who I'd met Thursday at the IMS office while we were picking up our race tickets. They didn't speak much English but managed to tell me they had taken a trip around some very scenic spots in the USA before capping off their trip with a visit to the Indy GP. After Indy, they planned to hop on a plane to the Czech Republic and watch the Brno MotoGP live. Their first MotoGP was in Brno in 1978! That year, Kenny Roberts won the 500cc Championship AND Graziano Rossi (Valentino Rossi's dad) raced for Suzuki. Not sure the 500cc classification went to Brno that year... I'll have to ask Heidi & Jurgen!

MotoGP Qualifying - Saturday