Bark in the Park, June 17, 2017

On June 17, 2017, my sister and I took Lucy and Ginger to the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball game.
We had an awesome time interacting with all the other dogs and owners and - BONUS! - the Goldeyes even beat St. Paul's!!

Line up to get in Anxious to get where we're going Laid back Twins! Butterfly earring! I'm a big boy! Best seat in the house! Views from above... ... Rest stop! Sisters?? Red heeler... ... all "tattooed" up! Great seats In line for refreshments "Are you on Buttbook?" "Nice! I get scratches and it's not even my Mom!" "I wanna follow that!" All prettied up On field parade "Time to go to our seats" Was there a baseball game? "Hurry! We need to get back to our seats!" "Hold it! This might be more interesting than the game!" Samson (white Great Dane) still standing out in a crowd Taking care of a friend A seat for everyone Friends... ...who come with friends "I like this aisle seat!" "All these youngsters making such a fuss!" When does the game start? Huggles "Game's pretty good!"

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