Maple Grove Dog Park, 2017

Cooling off Race to the top Finding friends Can I play, too? Who's the boss? Philip Hiding out from... ... Ginger, squirrel hunter
Hi buddy! Chillin' Always ready for a game of catch! Perth dogs! Hi Bella! Cesily's turn to pose Tiger's turn! Don't call me short! You heard 'em! Yes, I'm a Newfie... but the smartest kind! The "give me a treat" face! NOW! says Nim. Don't worry, she'll give us one, says (laid back) Ralph. Hunter & Bruno get into the scrum. Peanut &  Ginger playing tag. Time out for treats?? Oh... darn... you just want our pictures! Bruno Duke & Daisy arrive on the scene Share-zies! Smelling something good down here! Domino ... ... and proof to Pickle he's not as big as he thinks he is! Where do I fit in? Bentley... Does size really matter at the park? No way, Jose!! A cute "Jack"... ... and friend Easy does it... catch frisbees that is! I'd join you, says Desi, but I'm having too much fun with Charlie! Gotta get in on this, says Ginger. We have to decide if you can join our pack! Look out, Lucy! I'm waiting for you! Duke's got the stick! But hang on, says Berg, that was MY stick!!