April 7th

With about an hour and a half to kill, I decided to head to the park which I was told was south of the Sheraton Warsaw. The street led towards a series of impressive buildings and monuments, but I had no idea what I was seeing until I talked to a man who had come to pick up his son from school. Without knowing it, I'd seen the Polish Parliament building (clue might have been all the MAJOR security surrounding it) and several embassies (including the German and French Embassy). Down the street were some pretty little brown houses (weird that they were within a block of these other buildings because although pretty, they weren't impressive in size or decor). There was a footbridge which crossed a major thoroughfare and led to the Zamek Ujazdowski which evidently (upon investigating afterwards) houses contempory art. Perhaps THAT was the place where "The Scream" could have been viewed! I never reached the actual park. Later, I realized it was all around me but a huge gully separated me from getting to the main part of it. There was obviously a way to get there but it wasn't immediately evident and I was running out of time. On my side of the gully I did see some interesting art installations like Shakespeare (?) hanging inside a glass pyramid, Some PacMan Ghosts acting as deterrents from cars entering a pedestrian zone and so on. I headed back to the hotel for the Welcome dinner and was surprised that I was only one of three people at the dinner. Julie and Ave from the Philadelphia, PA/Trenton, NJ area were the only others attending. Michael, our Gate 1 guide, told us that there would only be a total of six of us for the Polish part of the trip. Lynn and another couple would all be arriving the next day. In the meantime, the three of us enjoyed a delicious beet salad and a filet mignon dinner. We were told we'd still be using the 50 seater bus the next day to get out tour of Warsaw!

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