On July 13th, 2008, I finally got my wish to get my ride in a semi!

Thanks, Gavin!

Here is a record of my adventure!

I picked Gavin up from home and we arrived at the Sobey's warehouse at 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
We drove into the warehouse to pick up Gavin's papers/instructions.
Gavin did his engine check while we were inside the warehouse.
He also did a tire check.
The trailer was outside and Gav backed into it so right, you barely felt it. He then went outside to hook up the trailer.
He checked under the trailer...
...and he also checked all the wheels on the trailer.
So then we were ready to go. We had a great conversation on our way to Brandon.
Our first stop was at Sobey's West in Brandon.
Gavin checked all his paperwork...
...before getting the truck ready to dock.
I stayed outside the truck so I could...
...watch him back into the dock.
Once docked, Gavin helped the receiver inside unload the 20 pallettes.
They were done in no time and Gav drove the truck out so he could resecure the doors.
Then it was off to Sobey's Brandon South. They weren't expecting a delivery and after a phone call to the dispatcher in Winnipeg and finally someone opening the back door, we discovered there was no one there to receive the one pallette so Gav had to take it back to Winnipeg to be delivered later.
While we were there, it was time for some fun.
How do I look behind the wheel?
It was fun to pose behind the wheel but I was SO very careful not to touch any of the million controls!
We had breakfast in Brandon before heading back to Winnipeg. The funny thing about BEING in a semi, is that OTHER semis don't look quite so big any more!
Here's the "half-way" tree on the way back to Winnipeg.
Gavin really loves driving and I can understand why.
Gavin taught me how to recognize what kind of semis passed us going the other way. Volvo was easy. Freightliner, International, and even Western Star weren't too bad. But I couldn't recognize a Kenworth to save my life. At least I can make out buildings when I see them!
When we got back into Winnipeg, we stopped at Gardewine.
Even though the needle on the gas gauge didn't move during the whole trip (faulty?), we still needed to fuel up.
Then it was back to the Sobey's warehouse. Gavin was checking which spot he'd back into while this rig pulled out.
This was MY view of Gavin's park job.
Only one try and we were perfectly between the lines (and the other trailers!).
Do you notice the pole that Gavin also had to avoid? I think he was just showing off!
Once docked, Gavin put the trailer jack down(?) so that...
... he could unhitch the trailer. When he got back in the truck, he lowered the suspension on the truck so he could drive right out from under the trailer.
Gavin drove the truck back onto the lot and then it was time to get out. Long way down, isn't it?
He took a couple of pictures of me as I got out of the cab.
My adventure was over! Thanks, Gav! I had lots of fun!

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