April 14th

We drove back through the city seeing many interesting and ornate buildings along the way. Albert left us off at the Albertina Museum. From there, our tour continued down Josefplatz past the Austrian National Library and the Spanish Riding School (Royal Lipizzan Stallions)

We went through archways that were part of Hofburg Palace into a courtyard where a statue pf Kaiser Franz I dominated . Then we continued outside those walls to an area where we had views of Neue Burg Palace, a couple of impressive equestrian statues and other key buildings of Vienna.

We went back to the courtyard but this time exited through a totally gorgeous gate decorated with frescoes on the ceiling. This placed us beside the Imperial Treasury where some of the group had opted to take a tour. But... for us four ladies, our tour was over; we now had the opportunity to do as we wished for the remainder of the day.

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