April 14th

Our group of four headed down the pedestrian street to find somewhere to eat lunch. Down a little alley, we found an nice little restaurant and since it was nice out, we ate outside.

When lunch was over, we decided to part ways. Ave and Julie were going to ultimately go to St Stephan Church for the Good Friday afternoon service. Lynn and I doubled back to the Spanish Riding School because we wanted to take their tour and get a better look at the horses. Unfortunately, both the tour and the performance for that night were basically sold out. Oh well!

At that point, Lynn and I also split up so we could do some more exploring and shopping on our own. We arranged to meet back at the hotel just before dinner.

Highlights of my walk were going back to the Hofburg Palace to take a better look. I also visited the viewing area for the stabled horses. I window shopped down that street really liking a particular store decorated with Mozart on the outside and full of glass musical ornaments and knick knacks.

I eventually ended up back on the pedestrian street and while there went into the Swarovski shop. Anyone want a Darth Vader crystal embellished statue?

Just before I had to change direction to get back to the hotel, I ended up in front of the ornate and beautiful St Stephan Church. Wow!

I continued down Wollzeile. Once I passed the park and crossed a canal, I was back at the Hilton where a BMW hybrid car "spoke" to me. I swear if I had more time (and $$), I would have rented that car just to get behind its wheel.

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