Daniel McIntyre 1923-1927

In the spring of 1923, the doors of Daniel McIntyre opened to admit students for the very first time. The building, designed by J.N. Semmens, Architect, became the new home of The Winnipeg Collegiate Institute. Students were relocated from the current Isaac Brock School on Wolever Avenue to the new red brick building on Alverstone. In honour of Daniel McIntyre, appointed Inspector of Schools in 1885 (the title later changed to Superintendant), the Collegiate was renamed "Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute". A brief history of The Collegiate's beginnings can be found in a 1926 issue of the school paper, then called The Mercury.

Above, you will see a drawing of Daniel McIntyre as it was originally designed. Due to budget cuts (so what else is new?), the tower (in red) and other parts of the school were eliminated from the actual construction of the building. Please click on the above drawing to view the original blueprint elevations.

An interesting piece of trivia: Since the tower (which was not built) was to have the words "Daniel McIntyre" carved into the stone of the archway entry, the school's name did not appear on the school until the 1954 addition of the "new" gymnasium, now the library and the multipurpose room. That crest and school name was "lost" when the most recent major renovation to the building was made. The Auto Shop of the Industrial Arts and Gymnasium wing built in 1979 closed that entryway. The same carved stone name now appears to the right of the North Alverstone entrance.






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